Eurofactor opens a new factoring branch in the Netherlands

In January 2016, Eurofactor GmbH has founded a new Dutch branch: Eurofactor Nederland

Located at ‘s-Hertogenbosch, in the heart of the Netherlands, the new branch Eurofactor Nederland is dedicated to further develop Eurofactor’s factoring business in the Netherlands.

Presently a team of four persons manage the Dutch factoring business from the new office rooms on the 9th floor of a modern office tower in the business district of ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

The total number of Dutch clients that had so far been managed from the Benelux branch at Brussels has doubled over the last 2 years and the outstanding volume is above 100M€. The Dutch factoring team has recently started to manage the Dutch client portfolio.

The Dutch factoring market was in 2014 the 6th largest in Europe with a factoring volume of 53,4 bn € (according to FCI) and a factoring ratio of 8% (Factoring volume / GDP). Over the last 4 years the Dutch Factoring Market has grown by more than 16%.

Tanno Pieters, Director Branch Nederland
“As one of the bank independent factoring providers in the Netherlands, we are ready to bring fresh wind with a real customer focus into the Dutch factoring market. We expect to play in the near future a significant role in the prospering Dutch factoring industry.
Our approach will be different from existing bank related Dutch factoring companies. Eurofactor Nederland has the ambition to become the “best in class factoring company”: state of the art IT system, top quality contracts, experienced staff and a real customer focus with acceptable flexibilities and tailor made solutions. We are obtaining a long term partnership with our (new) brokers and clients by delivering quality day by day.”

New factoring branch in the Netherlands