We appreciate your interest in the services provided by Eurofactor GmbH. The protection of your privacy when processing your personal information is an important consideration for us, and we take it into account during internet communications. All employees are expressly bound to data confidentiality according to BDSG (German data privacy act).
You remain anonymous while browsing our website. We collect statistical information, e.g. the number of visitors to our websites and information regarding the pages they visit. In particular, the following is stored each time a page is accessed: File name, date and time of access, the amount of data transmitted, and a message whether access was successful. We use this information to determine the general interests and preferences of our visitors. It is used for the continuous improvement of our internet services. The data are of a general, statistical nature and not related to the individual. Therefore we are not able to trace which user accessed what data.
No personal data (e.g. name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address) is collected unless you provide us with such data voluntarily (e.g. by contacting us) or you have agreed, or unless the BDSG regulations permit us to do so. We normally use the personal data provided by you in order to respond to your enquiries or to process your orders. In order to maintain the customer relationship, it may be necessary to store or process your personal data or to forward it to companies related to us so that we can better meet your requirements or improve our products and services. Your personal data are not sold to third parties or marketed in any other way.
We use the personal data provided to us by you solely for the purposes requested by you, unless the collection, processing, or use

  • is required for the preparation, negotiation, and completion of a contract with you.
  • is directly connected to the original purpose.
  • is required due to legal obligations, a warrant, or a court order.
  • is required to defend against a lawsuit or to prove or protect legal claims.
  • is required to defend against attacks on our system.

Furthermore, we automatically collect and store information transmitted by your browser, especially your IP address and the version of your browser software. These data are one of the fundamental building blocks of internet technology.

Cookies are used for the optimal use of the website.

What do we understand by cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which are memorized on your computer. This standard procedure allows, inter alia, the exchange of certain settings and information between your browser and our system.

Which function do the cookies have?

Cookies have various functions and mainly serve as improvement of the user comfort in view of the website. Furthermore, cookies are inter alia used for the authentication and for the statistical analysis (e.g. surfing behavior on the website). Additionally, due to the use of cookies, the website can be optimally adapted to the interests of the website visitors.
Some cookies are necessary for the correct operation of the website, other cookies can be useful in order to enable the visitor to memorize certain information (e. g. user name and/or language settings). Based on these facts the user friendliness can be steadily improved.  

Which cookie types are used by this website?

We use cookies in order to optimize the website and in order to make the visit more comfortable for the users. You can decide yourself whether the used browser allows cookies or not. Please note that the deactivation of cookies might have an impact on the functionality of the website.  

Used cookies

Given your allowance, the following cookies can be used. 

Technical cookies

They are inter alia used in order to allow the transmission of a message (e.g. contact forms).  For security reasons the technical cookies serve also as authentication tool. Another function is the memorization of specific user information. Without these technical standards it would not be possible to provide all functions being offered by the website. These cookies do not collect information for commercial purposes and they can be classified into   

Session cookies

They include information in order to make sure that the usage will be memorized on the basis of criteria having been selected by the user himself (e.g. the selected language) for the one-time visit.  

Analytical cookies

They e.g. memorize information about the date and the time of the visit as well as about the contents of the visited page. The subsequent analyses allow constant improvements of the user comfort. These statistics are based on anonymous data and are mainly used for these purposes.

 Third party cookie

They allow the use of cookies by third parties for the purpose of the analysis and improvement of browser processes.  


This website uses Piwik, an open-source software, for the statistical analysis of visitor contacts. Piwik uses cookies in order to allow an analysis of your use of the website.

The information about your use of the internet offer, having been generated by the cookie, will be memorized on a server in Germany. The IP address will be anonymized directly after the processing and prior to the memorization.  You have the possibility to prevent the implementation of the cookies by changing the setting of your browser software. By way of precaution we would like to inform you that – depending on the setting – possibly not all functions of this website might be available anymore.

For further information please use the following link:

Irrespective of the before-said you can set your browser in that way, that cookies will be blocked. Please set your internet browser accordingly if we shall not recognize your computer anymore.

Social Media

On our website social media of the below mentioned providers are used. You can identify these plugins by their respective logo.

Only by your desired forwarding (active use of the links via click) information (inter alia also personal data) will be transferred to the service provider. We do not record any personal data on the basis of the forwarding.

It can be expected that through the link to the providers at least the IP address and router related information will be recorded and used. There also exists the possibility that providers might try to memorize cookies on the routers, which they use. If you wish to know, which concrete data are recorded in this way and how they are used, please refer to the data protection directives of the respective service provider. We have included links to the following companies:

Facebook Inc. (1601 S. California Ave - Palo Alto - CA 94304 - USA)

Twitter Inc. (795 Folsom St. - Suite 600 - San Francisco - CA 94107 - USA)

Google Plus/Google Inc. (1600 Amphitheatre Parkway - Mountain View - CA 94043 - USA)

LinkedIn Corporation (2029 Stierlin Court - Mountain View - CA 94043 - USA)

We are not responsible for the compliance of other websites with the data protection directives. We have no influence on the data, which are used by the external provider and kindly ask you to refer to the imprint of this website.

Your rights regarding information, correction, block, deletion and contradiction

You are entitled to receive information about your personal data, which we have memorized. Furthermore you are entitled to request the correction, block or (irrespective of the legally stipulated data storage for business operations or other archiving obligations) deletion of your personal data. Please contact for this purpose our Data Protection Officer.

Change of our data protection directives

We reserve the right to adapt this data protection declaration if necessary in order to make sure that it fulfills the latest legal requirements or that it remains compliant with changes of our services.